Monday, April 20, 2009

a few random good things

i decided that on this blog needs to be some of my favorite songs and photos. just because those are two things that make me really happy.

-the top photo is by tania lёshkina, who is really creative and talented. this is one of my favorite photos i've ever encountered on flickr. i love the photo for so many reasons and i've caught myself thinking about it often during the past few months, ever since i first discovered tania and saw it. there's such a delicate feeling and tenderness to it, it's beautiful.
-a photo of mine that i love a lot right now:

-songs i'm love with:
1. thirteen- ben kweller (all-time favorite)
2. cold desert- kings of leon
3. use somebody- kings of leon
4. old hat- ben kweller (the video isn't the best, but still good song)

-->obviously, i love ben kweller and kings of leon. their most recent albums, Only By the Night (KOL) and Changing Horses (ben kweller) = ftw. so get on it if you aren't already. srsly.

that's all for now.


dangerous dan said...

I really like the top picture. Really great stuff. And the music is good too.

GAIA said...

i am your fan, katherine

emily said...

I love that photo of yours. the way the light comes through.. gorgeous!

seepy girl said...

'Thirteen' is so good.