Sunday, April 19, 2009

it's the beginning

Hey strangers,
some people have been asking me if i have a blog. most specifically, a man who was interviewing me for a magazine had asked me, among many other questions like when i was born and where i live, what blog i was a part of. as if it's assumed i have one. i had created this blog (under my name) in october, after a friend suggested i use it to post photos. but i ended up making one post and then abandoning it. i had forgotten about it until the interview, and now i found myself revisiting the idea. maybe i should talk a little. put some words out there, on the vast expanse that is the world wide web. sometimes some cool stuff happens to me. sometimes i discover some new things. and sometimes i love some stuff a lot. so i decided that this is a good place for me to share these things. sometimes.

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