Thursday, December 17, 2009

"it’s a kind of ‘Amen’ to life"

Break is finally here and I know by new years I'm going to be antsy with all this free time. ugh. During these next 2.5 weeks, some of the things on my "to do" list include: taking a small road trip or two, doing a good bit of reading, photos photos and more photos, some soul searching?, freaking out about graduating, really freaking out, catching up with friends & making lots of lists. lists are good, i like lists.
Below is another dose of my "a few random good things" posts. enjoy.

photo by Stephen Shore, a photography god (clearly)

-completely regardless of whether you've seen the movie, the music from the soundtrack is so powerful it makes me really appreciate people like Gustavo Santaolalla. he was able to evoke such particular and overwhelming emotion from notes in his head. amazing. click here to listen.
-also love: a classic, johnny cash

“What you feel in the presence of a thing you admire is just one word – ‘Yes’. The affirmation, the acceptance, the sign of admittance. And that ‘Yes’ is more than an answer to one thing, it’s a kind of ‘Amen’ to life, to the earth that holds this thing, to the thought that created it, to yourself for being able to see it. But the ability to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is the essence of all ownership. It’s your ownership of your own ego. Your soul…[which] has a single basic function – the act of valuing…everything to which you grant your love to is yours.”
-one of my favorite books & a quote that i will always remember, The Fountainhead

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