Monday, May 3, 2010


i've literally grown up with heather. ever since kindergarten, we've been buds, and this year i got to live with her. well. kind of.
she has a boyfriend & is over there 99% of the time. but i understand 95% of the time, and make her come over and hang out with me 30% of the time.
more recently i've been taking photos of her for a few photo projects i've had, and i've really enjoyed it.
i remarked about how i could "take photos of her 24/7" one day when we were hanging out, and she replied back "ya. i think i could make this another hobby." she said this seriously & casually. what! oooohhhhh, heather. too funny.

she went with me when i drove up to dallas on the 22nd (april) to shoot the local natives and it was wonderful. i'm all about open road & road trips, and that day with heather was the best i've had in a while. reasons why: i got to photograph an amazing band, be on the road, eat ice cream cones at midnight while driving on the road (with the windows down), listen to music loudly while driving on the road (with the windows down), explore the old school/'entertainment' part of dallas & take photos, and spend it all while hanging out with a good friend. perfect day.


Alexandra said...

I think I've used this word too many times today, but, it comes to mind, "awesome,".

Lyn and Haily said...

These are great photos.
It looks like a lovely summer


Katherine Squier said...

thank you ladies, & Lyn and Haily, it was indeed a very lovely summer! :)