Saturday, August 14, 2010

Too Much Chocolate

This week I was featured on a great site called Too Much Chocolate. "The rotating gallery features the work of an emerging photographer as well as an interview with him/her. The gallery is based off ‘collective curatorship’, where the photographer from week 1 chooses and interviews a photographer for week 2, week 2 chooses/interviews week 3, etc." The gallery features some really amazing photographers and it was a wonderful surprise when the talented Margaret Durow said she wanted to interview me for her curatorship. You should really check out her site, she has some enthralling work. And check out the interview with me here! :)


Anonymous said...

That was a great interview.. and wow by Margaret. I had a lot of the same questions. Do you know who you'll be interviewing yet?

Shukura Li said...

hiya i found your flcikr and love your photographs!!!
what film camera do u own and what film do u use?

Shukura Li said...

ignore that question

i jus read your imnterview it was great as were ur pics

Katherine Squier said...

thank you to both of you, glad you enjoyed the interview!