Tuesday, November 16, 2010


it's going to be a (long) while until i post a lot more photos/really write about my trip. i've had to talk so much about the trip the last two weeks with family & friends (who i can't blow off & deserve to hear about my adventure) that i'm just emotionally exhausted from it. i haven't been able to sleep much since i've been back-- this is just a difficult period in my life. some of the most intense things i've ever been through happened to me in the last 2-3 months, and while it was a great ride, i'm just now starting to really process it. it's painful and hard and all of that right now but that happens, to feel the highs you also have to feel the lows. hopefully soon enough i'll be sleeping again and ready to share about my trip! i've been listening to a lot of music & reading poetry lately, so i will try to post words or songs i'm enjoying from time to time.

i've always loved this song & especially this video. towards the end when chris martin runs on stage & twirls the light around, it's so beautiful when he releases it how it echoes the release in the song. i never fail to get goosebumps. & in the rare case that i didn't get goosebumps from that, i always do at the end. it's at the very end when the band stops playing & for the last verse everything goes still & all you hear is chris martin's voice singing alongside the thousands of other people in the crowd. the sound of a large group of people, particularly strangers, singing together is one of the most beautiful things you can ever hear, i think. one of the most beautiful things you can experience, even. especially if it's a sadder song, because you can hear the tenderness in everyone's voice, because you know that every one of them knows from their life at least a string of truth in the words. music is such a powerful thing--it can help heal and console, or lift you up--all of that. & like in this video, it brings people together.
(and that's as good as it gets.)

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