Thursday, April 7, 2011

POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE +piano stairs

I have a little interview up on POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE that you can see here! :)

I also wanted to share a video I ran across not too long ago. First off, I want to acknowledge how much I came to fall in love with & appreciate the public transportation in Europe. I miss Europe plenty, and among the many things that I really loved about it was all the ways they were more eco-conscious. One huge way is through their public transportation, the trains and metro specifically. If I had access to a metro system, I would be using it ALL the time, even knowing it would require a lot of walking. And it's incredibly frustrating that I live in one of the most powerful countries in the world and we have barely taken any steps to establish metro systems. Not only would it be more eco-concious, it would help ease the insane chaos of traffic in metro areas as well as enable people who have limited access to transportation get to places more easily. It's a win-win-win. I recognize that we do have some metro systems here, but they are few & very far between. As far as the video, there's not too much to say about it because all the background info is in the video itself. What I will say though is that I think quality of life is everything. & it's all the little, everyday things that make our lives what they are. What is done here is something that not only improves quality of life, but also encourages healthier living. Creativity is such a beautiful, wonderful thing, and there's no telling what can come about when creative minds come together. I hope the future holds plenty more of such innovations!

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