Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i got a new camera!

last week a beautiful contax t3 arrived in the mail with my name on it. i've been thinking about getting a more reliable camera than the yashica t4 i've been using for over a year now, but money and uncertainty was always an issue. in the past year i was able to use a friend's t3 for a little bit & the ease of using it, plus the quality of the photos, pretty much won me over. i've only shot one roll on it so far but i'm really looking forward to what our future holds together. i have a feeling it will be a great one...

the only thing about it that i didn't realize when i tested it out was how the viewfinder has faint markings of where the actual parameters of the photo starts. this kind of scares me, as there is quite a lot of space outside the parameters that i'm seeing through the viewfinder, and i take a photo when what i'm seeing through the viewfinder feels right. the parameter markings are barely noticeable and i have a hard time trying to cut out of my mind the space outside of them. we will see how things translate and hopefully i get used to it.
i posted below a few photos from my first roll. for some reason the colors became muted once i uploaded them onto the site--which is a little frustrating, but that's ok because i think the quality of the photos is still apparent. enjoy!

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