Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exciting update!

A few updates on some exciting things I'm a part of:

-->Girlcore just released their first book through the wonderful POGO Books and I'm a part of it! Purchase it on the girlcore website, or through me. About Girlcore: "Girlcore is an all-female collective based in London. Originally founded on a desire to promote international female talent in creative industries - Girlcore's resume has grown far and beyond anything originally hoped for. Be it showcasing new DJ's alongside the likes of veterans such as Peaches and Annie Mac, to creating a website dedicated to promoting recent flair in the visualarts. All the work done by the group is a labour of love, each member of the collective having their own careers in the creative industries. This side-project is a way of celebrating the amazing work we encounter along the way."

-->I am really happy to be a part of Esquire Russia's new online gallery Dust and Scratches. The site descirbes the gallery as a unique online project that offers it visitors the opportunity to become owners of works of photography at the price of the poster. It features the works of hundreds of the world's leading photographers. (I used the google translate tool on my chrome browser to view the site in english). You can view a few of my works that are for sale on the site here.

-->Along with the opening of the new gallery, I am beyond incredibly honored and excited to be a part of Dust and Scratches exhibition (put together by Esquire Russia) at The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, February 14-19. Below is a bit about the exhibit:

"The project curated by Maxim Nikanorov, the art director of the Esquire magazine, will bring together the works of the leading world photographers of today. The majority of the authors in question have never been exhibited in Moscow as yet.

The title of the show evokes the eponymous web project — the Dust and Scratches gallery offers its visitors the opportunity to acquire the best samples of contemporary art photography at a poster price. Thanks to the collaboration of the Esquire magazine, hundreds of leading world photographers, including the winners of the World Press Photo Award and other prestigious competitions, agreed to show and sell their works at the Dust and Scratches gallery. Maxim Nikanorov has personally selected each piece among thousands of photos the gallery presents."

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