Monday, May 11, 2009

i don't sleep too much

anymore. oh well. more life that i'm living.
summer. yes. :

the sunset was beautiful the other day. there were clouds in the distance that made a second horizon, so i watched the sun hide its head before it was even through. it almost looked like it was descending into mountains and i love the mountains. it made me a bit giddy, which is nice to feel every once in a while. plus, look at those two lonely clouds. beautiful.

-and some loveliness, via ryan adams:

Took a walk with you
In the shadow of my shoes
Danced around the broken blues
In the dirty summer rain

Moonlight on the cars
Parked in single file at bars
With a thick and rosy smoke
Waving its busted hand

i could read that over and over and never be sick of it. that's all for now. xo

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seepy girl said...

Phoenix is great. Almost make me want to go to ACL to see them this year.