Friday, May 1, 2009

i smell like soap, again

apparently after shower moments are when i get inspired to write a few words.

so my favorite photos are almost always the real ones. the ones where i don't move an inch to adjust the angle, have someone stand a different way, stop my life and make a photo. instead, i love the ones that are exactly how it was. how it is. literally a second of my life. and it's always beautiful. and that makes me happy.
this photo was taken the other day. i'm always on the floor, it's where i think best. i had my camera next to me and jessica came in to chat. as we were talking of life and loves and laughs, i put the camera in front of my face and pressed the shutter.
i love this.


rafael salim said...

Hi, Katherine. I found your flickr and I really love your way of thinking about photografy. I just wanna congrats you. I'm posting now some of your photos in my blog. I hope you don't care about it.

Come to see:

seepy girl said...

I love the real ones too. I hate when people pose because they see a camera though, and the shot is gone. :/

chelzilla! said...

my favorite kind of photos are the real, honest, ones as well :) sometimes i get a change of expression when i raise the camera in front of my face, but they get used to it ha

addicted to life said...

i also like natural, unexpected photos :)
nice shot!