Saturday, May 30, 2009

life is busy

but good right now. i'm spending time with some greatly missed friends and trying to make up for lost time. i'm taking photos like crazy because i've found myself really inspired lately--just from living my life. it's a nice thing. maybe it's the freedom and sense of carelessness that the summer brings. or maybe its all the new places and people i'm around. or maybe its because life is just good and i'm finally able to soak it all in. regardless, i'm loving it.
--here are some of my favorite shots from a day with my friends:
i also really need to work on my site. it's embarassing how long i've had it "up" but with nothing on it. i've tried to do it without buying any software--but it's looking pretty hopeless. if anyone knows a good program to use and/or also a good 35mm scanner (i am in desperate need of one but can't make up my mind), please do share!_


Flora said...

these photos are beautiful.

Robert Brulinski said...

The hair & tub photo is fantastic