Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i'm leaving

for chicago friday morning (at 4:30am jeeeeez!) and am really excited. traveling is my favorite. ever. i get so giddy at airports, i'll admit it's pretty cute how worked up i get. probably even "uncool," some may say. but guess what? the older you get the less stuff you get giddy about, so i'm milking this for all it's worth. will i be able to sleep thursday night? probably not. and i like it that way.

among lots of visiting and traveling i will be meeting up with a friend and taking an architectural tour downtown, as well as going to the museum of modern art. the only problem right now is that the camera that i take everything with, my t4, broke a few days ago. yeah. so i'm hustling and bustling the best i can to find a camera i can borrow & take. there is no time to mourn now, but there will be plenty of mourning later, that guy went everywhere with me. hopefully things work out with finding a spare, because we know that i need a camera. i have my electro but out of a roll of 36 at least 8 never come out, 6 come out super dark, and the rest are super grainy, other than maybe 2 perfectly exposed ones. in other words, i don't like using it.
regardless of the camera, the trip is about making memories. yes.
until i'm back (with hopefully some goodies),


chelzilla! said...

ah so excited for you, i might go to chicago with my friend next summer (i wanted to go this summer but i went to cali with my other friend instead) i just got home today! by plane! first time ever, and although i was extremely tired i was too "giddy." giddy as shit! especially since we made a stop at las vegas ha, i wish i could have stayed there longer. i hope you have fun!

luyi said...

have fun!