Friday, August 7, 2009

Entopic Group, plus Hi-Low and Katie peeling a mango

Hey friends,

new update: for the month of august, my work, along with that of three other photographers, is featured in an online show run by Entopic Group. the show is called GAP and the description reads as follows: "In the confrontation of banal curiosity with the sense of discovery something unusual always arises. The question of perception between the similar and equal brings this ambiguity to a place of sensory conflict of differences. The gap appears when the inexplicable interposes itself in the normal cognitive perception."

I also am in Volume fourteen of Hi-Low, a monthly young magazine produced by XXXL Remixed Creative Factory. It's "vision-based, supplemented by text" and focuses on living attitude and youth memories. it has a neat set-up and music that plays while you view. my stuff starts on page 52.

and this is a photo of one of my roommates katie. it was after a day at barton springs, and here she is getting ready to peel and eat a mango. i wish i could have gotten a photo of her during it, because it was a "gooood" mango and she was really excited about it as she was eating it. she's funny.

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