Friday, October 8, 2010

i have 10 days left in europe

and it kills me.
i think this addresses my current status: i'm loving europe & i really, really don't want to leave.

since i wrote i've been to vienna, austria-->bolzano, italy-->zurich, switzerland-->munich, germany (oktoberfest)-->berlin, germany-->amsterdam, the netherlands-->paris, france; in a few days i go back to barcelona to fly out on the 18th.

so far things have been amazing & i have to say that the best times i've had have been in the places where my friend (matt) & i have stayed with photo friends of mine. these photo friends are people i hadn't ever met prior to them opening up their couches to me, yet in meeting them it has felt like we were old friends. we started off in barcelona where the wonderful ana cuba & salva lopez opened up their flat to us. we couldn't stay long before we had to catch a train, but we managed to fall in love with their cat & had an amazing time. we traveled quite a few cities inbetween until we got into vienna, where we stayed with christian pitschl & matt, chris & i, along with chris's brother lukas, got along so well that we traveled with the boys to their hometown in bolzano, italy for 2 days. it felt like we all had been friends for years. parting was really hard, & i actually got super homesick for the first time since i started the trip. i will really miss those boys. i fell in love with vienna (as predicted by many people) so i have a feeling i will be seeing them again. we spent a quick 24hrs-ish in zurich & were off to munich, where we experienced the famous oktoberfest. we stayed with manuel braun in a little town an hour outside of munich, so it was nice to get away from all the crowd of the city as the festival was happening. we had a little back house to ourselves & manu bought us lunch & everything & showed us around. munich was definitely beautiful & well groomed. the festival itself was pretty crazy packed & i wasn't the biggest fan--as it seemed every ten minutes i saw someone looking like they were about to puke. the guy in the table behind me did puke indeed...all over himself. and the guy next to me was SOOOO drunk that it was impossible to understand him... yet he kept trying to hit on me & put his arm around me, which was more hilarious than anything as matt got a good few photos/videos out of it. i was just happy that i got out of there before he maybe threw up on me. then it was off to berlin & amsterdam, and here i am now in paris. the weather in paris was beautiful today & i'm going to try my best to eat outside at some beatufiul restaraunt on the water. will cost an arm & a leg i'm sure...but this is paris we're talking about. such things are worth it. i met some lovely aussie ladies at my hostel & looks like we may go out tonight. we will see.
so yes, things are good--i just don't want to leave. but ok, ok i will stop complaining.
i will leave that for my next blog post--in another few days?!
until i type again...