Saturday, October 16, 2010

i have more than 10 days left in europe...

i was supposed to be getting on a plane this coming monday morning, october 18th, at 6am, that would take me back to america. before i left, people joked i wouldn't come back. these people were smarter than i thought. while i AM coming back (because i love my friends & family far too much not to), it looks like i'm now flying home some time before/close to the beginning of december! i fly back to vienna on wednesday morning & i will be there for i'm not sure how long, staying with the kind chris pitschl, who is letting me occupy his living-room-esque space again so i can experience more of his city that i fell in love with.

funny thing is though that me being in a german-speaking city for a while should make for some quite amusing correspondence with my dad, who took german when he was in college & then studied abroad in germany for a year. 2 emails ago he signed the email guten tag, & this past email he has shared with me some german phrases. the list below is the list he sent me, which he claims is "all i will need to know"...

Wie viel kostet das? How much does that cost?
Guten Tag = good day
Guten Nacht = good night
Bitte = Please
Danke = thank you
Vielen dank = thank you very much
Wo ist zie = Where is the…
Sehr Gut = very good
Wie Geht es Ihnen = How are you
Auf Wiedersehen = goodbye (literally it’s until I see you again)
Haben sie ein Zimmer frei? = do you have a room available?
Ist das niedlich Junge verfugbar? Is the cute boy available?

...ahahaha. too good, too good.

i've been in paris for over a week now & it's crazy because i've been so preoccupied trying to re-schedule everything so as to find a way to not go home/stay longer that i might as well not be in paris at all! don't get me wrong, the place is great, but i just wasn't able to do it justice the past few days--and today, when i felt like i was in the mood to try & kick some paris-sight-seeing-butt, it went & got super dark & rainy. typical.
i'm definitely missing matt, who went home about a week ago, & wishing i had someone to enjoy the city with. oh well, i've made some great friends so far so i'm crossing my fingers that some time between today & tomorrow i meet some more great ones! (the thing that sucks about traveling is making friends & then having to say goodbye a few days later...)

that's all for now, hopefully will update again a bit soon!


Lena said...

Ah Katherine I just realised we were in Paris at the same time! I was there saturday 16th-Monday 18th! How did you find it? Where did you stay? Lena x

Katherine Squier said...

Aw, that's too bad we missed each other! I stayed at a hostile called Christophers Inn I think, & it wasn't the best but it was really social and had a nice feel. I hope you had a great time in Paris! :)

Katherine Squier said...

oh, and as you can see, I am bad at checking comments, so I apologize I'm just now getting back to you about that!